Booking rooms

Photoshoot in historical halls

Blue Hall:

Elegant octagonal Ladies' living room, where social events and family evenings were held. The hall is decorated with a composition of four medallions in beads and four "feathers", and the walls are decorated with images of Greek goddesses. Under the central window there is a large fireplace made of black marble with golden veins. The windows overlook the Engineering Castle and the park.

Hunting Hall:

Previously, not only joint family meals were held in this hall, but also informal meetings of members of the Council of Ministers of the Empire. The hall is quiet and cozy, its Windows overlook the courtyard. The hunting hall today is an ideal place for a photo shoot, and the interior fireplace will create additional charm and become a wonderful background for memorable photos.

Green Hall:

The elegant Green Hall, decorated in Rococo style, is ideal for a wedding ball or an exquisite social party. The balcony of the hall offers a view of the Engineering Castle.

Pink Hall:

A historical ceremonial living room, where the most expensive guests were received. Delicate shades of the interior and textured drapery of curtains on large stained glass windows will add romance and sophistication to your celebration.

The cost of the service is: Green, Pink or Hunting hall - 4500 rubles.\ hour; Blue Hall - 5000 rubles.\ hour